Wadsworth engagement photos: Jamie and Michael

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Akron engagement pictures

When Jamie and Michael chose us to shoot their October wedding, they had already had a family friend do some engagement pictures. But since an engagement shoot was included as part of their Akron wedding photography package, we met at Hubbard Valley Park in Seville and got to know each other a bit more.

The skies threatened to wash us out through the morning and afternoon, but as the day wound down, the clouds parted and gave us a convenient window to snap some pictures of the lovebirds. We chatted about how they met and the evolving plans for their backyard wedding this fall during their Wadsworth engagement photos.

Congratulations to Jamie and Michael! Hope you’re all warmed up for October!

Akron engagement photographer

Akron engagement photography

Summit county engagement photography

Wadsworth engagement photographer

Wadsworth engagement photography

Akron engagement photographer

Summit county engagement photography

Summit county engagement photographer

Akron engagement photography

Ashley and Adam: Akron wedding preview

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Location, location, location. Ashley and Adam chose the Red Run Bison and Horse Farm in Marshallville for their outdoor Akron area wedding last weekend, which turned out to be a beautiful spot for their big day. Of course, it helped that they were blessed with some picturesque weather, which was kind enough to drop some rain on us while everybody ate their dinner inside the barn before the clouds broke in time to take some final portraits of the new Mr. and Mrs. Jones near sunset.

Here are just a few of the day’s favorites, with more to follow once the final gallery is ready. In the meantime, we posted some of Ashley and Adam’s Wadsworth engagement photos back in May, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already.

Congrats again to Ashley, Adam and their families!










Getting ready for the stork!

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Little Gavin is about to be a big brother! We headed out for a shoot with Gavin’s growing family a couple weeks ago and were blessed with a beautiful evening as the sun set over the pond at Silver Creek Park in Wadsworth. On the verge of his own birthday, Gavin celebrated by taking a piggyback ride, playing in the water and climbing up some trees (with Dad’s help, of course). We also managed to squeeze in a couple shots with just Mom and Dad. As always, here are a few favorites from the shoot.

Gavin’s little brother should be arriving any day, so we wish the best of luck to everyone. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!










Starting life together

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I love spending time with engaged couples. They are so excited about their approaching big day and the future that lies ahead. I enjoy talking to clients on every shoot but, in particular, I look forward to the stories I get to hear during engagement portrait sessions. How did you meet? Where did you go on your first date? How did he (or she) propose? Couples love talking about those things, which naturally produces a bunch of genuine laughs and natural smiles.

Ashley and Adam are getting married this summer, and they had a pretty unique story when I asked how they met. I’m not at liberty to share it here, but it absolutely provided a few laughs. For them and for me! To tie everything together, we did the photo shoot at the park where Adam proposed to Ashley. Awesome!

Congratulations to the happy couple, and be sure to check back here later this summer for Ashley and Adam’s wedding photos!








Winter fun

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If you’re going to be a family photographer in Akron and Cleveland, you’re going to have to deal with some of the white stuff. Fortunately, I love snow and, as long as I don’t dump my equipment into a snowbank during the shoot, I love heading out to snap some pictures on a winter day. If there are some fresh flakes falling, even better. Well, within reason, anyway.

We started inside for some traditional portraits with this great family in Wadsworth, but once we got the serious business out of the way, we bundled up and headed outdoors for some snowman construction, sled riding, snowball fights and general tomfoolery (still love that word). There was a light snowfall that afternoon, which really accented a lot of these photos in a cool way. I love the expressions we got from the kids (and some of the adults) coming down the hill, and I felt fortunate that I escaped the afternoon without getting clipped by one of the many snowballs that were whizzing around the yard. All in all, a great afternoon spent with family and Frosty.

Celebrating their 50th in style…and snow!

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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of spending some time in Michigan with a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary with their kids and grandchildren, and came away truly inspired by the legacy of love that this family shared during their time together. When I started Windowsill Photography, I hadn’t considered the possibility of photographing couples and families celebrating milestone anniversaries, but after that weekend in Michigan, I hoped I’d have the chance to share another moment like that with someone else.

Not only did that opportunity come up again in the matter of a few months, but this time the stakes were raised: this amazing couple was getting set to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and their kids wanted to head out for a shoot with everyone a few days before Christmas to commemorate the event. Sure, it was cold out there but we had a blast, especially when I asked the grandkids to kick up a bunch of snow on the count of 3. As you’ll see below, Grandma got into the fun too and everyone had a laugh, even the little guy on the end who wound up taking a tumble.

Here are a few favorites from our session. Congratulations again on your upcoming anniversary, and thanks for letting me share in the fun!

Show me your world!

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One of the first lessons I learned as an Akron family photographer was to not spend too much time persuading kids to sit pretty and smile. Sure, they’ll cooperate for a few seconds here and a few seconds there, and you better snap away when those glorious moments spring to life. More often than not, though, no amount of coaxing, prodding, encouraging, bribing, pleading and begging will convince a three year old to sit still for longer than a fleeting nanosecond.

Shortly after learning that lesson, I also learned that it’s better this way. We don’t want kids to sit pretty and smile for a bunch of snapshots. Kids are adventurous, curious, spontaneous, silly, whimsical and dozens of other adjectives that all equal photographic gold. It’s so much more rewarding to follow one of these little explorers around as they give you a glimpse into their unique world, a world we all once resided in and a world that a part of us will always miss. So last month, with Christmas a couple weeks away, I met this adorable adventurer and let her lead me (along with her mom, dad and sister) around her house on an unseasonably warm winter day. You don’t get authentic smiles and memorable faces like this when you ask kids to sit pretty and smile.

Lots of land, lots of energy, lots of possibilities

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I used to think I had to take clients out to some kind of park or other wide open public space to get great pictures, but I’ve since come to realize that prime locations are all around and often can be found in a client’s backyard. Jo-Lynn and Scott asked me to come out to their house last week for a family portrait session, and as I pulled into the driveway, I knew the possibilities would be endless. They own a beautiful piece of land in farm country, bordered by woods and quaint little pond, but what caught my eye was the rusted out equipment in the backyard.

We started out in the front of the house, enjoying the beautiful light as the sun began to drop in the sky, before making our way to the pond and, eventually, out to what looked like a pair of tanks (I realized I should have asked what they were while we were there) and then an old pump. I love things with texture and character, and Jo-Lynn and Scott’s property had those in spades. Even better, their kids were a blast, bounding with energy and delivering smile after smile (in between the impromptu wrestling matches and a couple of requests to settle down from Mom and Dad). But my favorite shots of the day may have been the quiet ones with just Jo-Lynn and Scott, whose love for each other and the life they had built together was on full display during our time together last weekend. In short, they made my job easy!

There are so many perks from this gig, but getting to know each of my clients and their families on a personal level most definitely tops the list. This was another great shoot, and we all had a ton of fun. Thanks to Jo-Lynn and Scott! Hope you enjoy the preview!

Making Mom and Dad proud

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Most times, when someone contacts me for a portrait session, they want to get some new pictures of their young kids, commemorate an upcoming birthday or, most recently, get some photos for their holiday cards. Elaine, on the other hand, had something different in mind. Her daughter is about to embark on her new career with the United States Air Force, and she wanted to get some family pictures done before Rachel headed off to basic training. Needless to say, I was honored and excited to be a part of such a memorable moment in this family’s life.

So I headed out to their house and had a great time with Elaine, her husband and two grown kids. This weather has been fantastic and led to some great shots around their property. It was a real treat to be able to watch them interact with each other, and you could tell they were all extremely proud of Rachel.

Good luck, Rachel! Hope you guys all enjoy this preview!

This is December in Ohio?

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December is upon us, which typically means freezing temperatures, endless clouds and sloppy roads. But when we headed out to the Wolf Creek Environmental Center on December 1, we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Not that we were complaining!

This family had a lot of fun hanging out with each other, but my favorite moments were when Andrew absolutely lit up each time he posed for some pictures with Dad. What a treat to spend the morning with these guys! Here’s a look at some of the keepers from the shoot.