Jamie and Michael: Akron wedding photography preview

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Outdoor weddings are tough. When the weather cooperates, an outdoor wedding is gorgeous and a ton of fun. You have the freedom to do so much more in the great outdoors than you can in the confines of a church or another indoor venue, and everything just feels so much more open and natural. Of course, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, get ready to adjust on the fly!

Jamie and Michael had a lovely outdoor Akron wedding this weekend, but there were more than a few raindrops to dodge throughout the day. In fact, the start of the ceremony needed to be pushed back a bit when the skies absolutely opened up and drenched the grounds about 15 minutes before Jamie was scheduled to walk down the aisle with her dad. But Jamie, Michael and their families had prepared well, setting up a couple large tents to provide shelter in the case of just such a scenario.

Fortunately, while the rain came down in buckets for a while, it didn’t last long and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day. The soggy surroundings made the pictures a little challenging but we still managed to fill up a couple memory cards! Here are a few highlights from the day with more to follow soon. Check out some of Jamie and Michael’s engagement photos here, and learn more about our Akron and Cleveland wedding photography.

Congratulations, Jamie and Michael!










Ashley and Adam’s Akron wedding

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I posted a quick preview from Ashley and Adam’s beautiful wedding at the Red Run Bison and Horse Farm in Marshallville back in June. Now that I’m wrapping up their gallery this week, it’s time to offer up a closer look at this absolutely gorgeous Akron area wedding.

As you can see, this group liked to have some fun, especially the bride. For proof, just check out those shoes she was wearing in one of the photos near the bottom of the post. Nice! As another example, while I was making my way around the venue prior to the reception, taking photos of all the little details that had been planned to perfection, I received word that the bride was requesting my services. Wondering what photo opp was awaiting me, I walked into the room where Ashley and her bridesmaids were getting ready to find a table full of chicken nuggets and French fries. Seems the bridal party had a hankerin’ for some McDonald’s, and Ashley wanted me to capture the carnage. Awesome!

There are so many great shots to choose from but these are some of my absolute favorites, along with the photos from the earlier preview. Also, be sure to check out Ashley and Adam’s engagement pictures. Thanks again for sharing your day with me, guys! (And a special thanks to Spencer, who stepped into the assistant’s shoes for this wedding and did one heck of a job!)




























Akron engagement photography: Megan and Ethan

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Akron engagement photographer

We headed out for Megan and Ethan’s engagement photos exactly one year to the day before they’d be walking down the aisle and saying “I do.” We didn’t realize, however, that June 21 also was the first day of summer, and fittingly, we were treated to an absolutely gorgeous morning.

I love discovering new locations to shoot, and on this day, we set up shop at the Nature Realm in Akron. As you can see, we had all sorts of great spots to choose from, so many that we ran a little long and I came home with a few more shots than normal. Needless to say, this won’t be my last visit to the Nature Realm.

Here are a few favorites from our Akron engagement photography shoot. Congrats to Megan and Ethan. Can’t wait for your big day next summer!

Akron engagement photography

Summit County engagement photographer

Summit County wedding photography

Akron engagement photographer

Akron engagement photography

Summit County engagement photographer

Summit County wedding photography

Akron engagement photographer

Akron engagement photography

Wadsworth engagement photos: Jamie and Michael

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Akron engagement pictures

When Jamie and Michael chose us to shoot their October wedding, they had already had a family friend do some engagement pictures. But since an engagement shoot was included as part of their Akron wedding photography package, we met at Hubbard Valley Park in Seville and got to know each other a bit more.

The skies threatened to wash us out through the morning and afternoon, but as the day wound down, the clouds parted and gave us a convenient window to snap some pictures of the lovebirds. We chatted about how they met and the evolving plans for their backyard wedding this fall during their Wadsworth engagement photos.

Congratulations to Jamie and Michael! Hope you’re all warmed up for October!

Akron engagement photographer

Akron engagement photography

Summit county engagement photography

Wadsworth engagement photographer

Wadsworth engagement photography

Akron engagement photographer

Summit county engagement photography

Summit county engagement photographer

Akron engagement photography

Ashley and Adam: Akron wedding preview

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Location, location, location. Ashley and Adam chose the Red Run Bison and Horse Farm in Marshallville for their outdoor Akron area wedding last weekend, which turned out to be a beautiful spot for their big day. Of course, it helped that they were blessed with some picturesque weather, which was kind enough to drop some rain on us while everybody ate their dinner inside the barn before the clouds broke in time to take some final portraits of the new Mr. and Mrs. Jones near sunset.

Here are just a few of the day’s favorites, with more to follow once the final gallery is ready. In the meantime, we posted some of Ashley and Adam’s Wadsworth engagement photos back in May, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already.

Congrats again to Ashley, Adam and their families!










Starting life together

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I love spending time with engaged couples. They are so excited about their approaching big day and the future that lies ahead. I enjoy talking to clients on every shoot but, in particular, I look forward to the stories I get to hear during engagement portrait sessions. How did you meet? Where did you go on your first date? How did he (or she) propose? Couples love talking about those things, which naturally produces a bunch of genuine laughs and natural smiles.

Ashley and Adam are getting married this summer, and they had a pretty unique story when I asked how they met. I’m not at liberty to share it here, but it absolutely provided a few laughs. For them and for me! To tie everything together, we did the photo shoot at the park where Adam proposed to Ashley. Awesome!

Congratulations to the happy couple, and be sure to check back here later this summer for Ashley and Adam’s wedding photos!








Jenna and Erich blessed with a beautiful wedding day

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Some people say rain on your wedding day actually brings good luck. If that’s the case, Jenna and Erich will be blessed throughout their marriage. The skies over Orchard Hills Center at Chesterland’s Patterson Fruit Farm looked rather gloomy last Saturday, but the rain held off through the morning and early part of the afternoon. As the 5:00 ceremony drew closer, though, the clouds finally let loose, which obviously made everybody on site a little nervous.

But while showers continued off and on for the next couple of hours, they amazingly didn’t affect Jenna and Erich’s wedding day much at all. The skies parted just before the bride and groom got to see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony, and while we needed to carry a few umbrellas with us as we took some bridal party photos, we all stayed relatively dry throughout the afternoon. Things turned bleak again just before the ceremony, but by the time the guests had all been seated and the bridesmaids started to make their way toward the altar, the rain had stopped once again and we were blessed with what turned out to be a magnificent day.

The outdoor ceremony was gorgeous, no doubt enhanced by the stunning bride and her band of beautiful bridesmaids. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day, with more to follow as I finish the couple’s gallery in the coming weeks. Congratulations to Jenna and Erich, and here’s hoping the good fortune from your wedding day carries on throughout all the days of your marriage!

An invitation to bigger and better things

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It’s funny how life works out sometimes. I was a journalism major at Ohio University (go Bobcats!) and spent the first year of my professional career toiling away at a financial magazine, wondering if I was bound to hate my job for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I soon escaped that position and began my second job as a sports writer — a position much better suited to my talents and interests — before moving into web development and graphic design. Now, 12 years later, I enjoy design work even more than writing, a natural yet unexpected evolution that greatly contributed to the launch of Windowsill Photography, first with the development of our website and this blog, and then with an expansion of our services.

Of course, my love of photography fueled the company’s creation, but we soon realized that there were very few limits to what we could do inside our new little sandbox. So when we booked our first wedding, I suggested to the bride that we could design custom wedding invitations for her along with any other items she may need using photos from her engagement shoot. She quickly signed on and, I’m proud to say, she was thrilled with her finished products.

We hope to do even more design projects going forward, whether we’re using photos from Windowsill shoots for invitations or holiday cards, or even putting together a website for a new client. As a matter of fact, my son recently turned 6 and has just discovered the joy of the “Star Wars” universe. (Don’t worry — we made sure he watched Episodes IV, V and VI before any of the new ones.) So when it came time to plan his party, he naturally wanted a “Star Wars” theme, and what’s a “Star Wars” birthday party without a “Star Wars” birthday invitation?



I’ve found I enjoy the design side of the business just as much as the photography side, which has been a pleasant surprise. So I guess I’ve answered the question that haunted me during my first year out of college: Turns out I wasn’t destined to hate my job for the rest of my life after all. Ain’t that a relief!

Jenna & Erich: Countdown to August 11

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Wedding days are crazy. For everyone. Lots of joy, lots of laughs, lots of memories and, of course, lots of stress. That’s why I love taking a couple out for an engagement shoot long before their big day, so we have a chance to work together and find a comfort zone in a much more controlled and casual environment. No need to add to the chaos on the wedding day. They get to know me, I get to know them, and we get some great pictures in the process.

I headed to the Medina Square with Jenna and Erich a few weeks ago for an engagement session. Such a great place to shoot, filled with all sorts of unique spots that make for an eclectic set of photos. We got rolling early and, after a pit stop at Sully’s for a quick drink and a change of clothes, we capped off a fun evening as the last ounce of light drained from the sky.

As part of Jenna and Erich’s wedding package, Windowsill Photography designed two custom wedding invitations, and we’ll be handling other design items as well. Unfortunately, the couple’s guests haven’t seen the invitations yet so I can’t post them here, but I have included a handful of my favorite shots from the day.

Sadly, Jenna and Erich have endured their share of tragedy in recent months. As their big day approaches, here’s hoping they’ll encounter nothing but smooth sailing as they enjoy the final days of their engagement and embark on their new life together. Congrats, guys!

2011 Faves: The lovebirds say “I do”

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A few months after my engagement shoot with Bayli and Michael, we headed out to Phoenix for their wedding day. It was relentlessly hot that day, even for Phoenix, but the setting was absolutely breathtaking with the golf course at a local country club providing a lush backdrop for the couple’s big day. Congratulations, Michael and Bayli, and best of luck!