Life is bloggerful

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Everyone talks about finding their passion, as if there’s a singular activity in this world that can make someone happy and give their life meaning. Why limit yourself?

While it’s true that being passionate about your work can yield a sense of purpose and fulfillment, nobody says you have to make a choice. The objective shouldn’t be to find one thing in life that you’re passionate about, but rather to fill your life with as many passionate activities and experiences as possible.

I’ve found that I’m most passionate about the creative process, which has led me over the years to writing, graphic design, web design & development, and photography. These are the things that I find myself most often drawn to, as if something inside me needs to create in order to truly thrive.

I first published bloggerful in 2006 when my son was born — our second of three children — as an outlet for my creative energy, but I didn’t have any sort of vision for the site and it eventually dropped from my radar. Then, in 2011, my passion for photography turned into Windowsill Photography Studio, an idea that seemed way too farfetched for a novice photographer like me until…well, until it happened. Windowsill Photography is still growing — and hopefully will be for a long, long time — but these early stages have been both thrilling and terrifying, as the realization of a dream often can be.

Knowing that I needed a forum to share photos with clients and other interested parties, I fell upon bloggerful again. I’d always loved both the name and the tagline: Life is bloggerful. What does that mean?

“Bloggerful” can be any number of adjectives used to describe any given moment in time. My life can be beautiful, inspirational, challenging, overwhelming, fascinating, wonderful, tedious, exhilarating, exhausting, delightful, uncomfortable or truly memorable, sometimes seemingly all at once. But no matter the specific adjective I may choose to describe a particular moment — good or bad — they all contribute to where I am today and the man, husband, father, son, writer, designer and photographer I’ve become. They’re the experiences that make life worth living, that challenge me to grow and adapt, that help me appreciate what I’ve accomplished and impel me to improve as a person, parent and creative being.

So bloggerful will serve as a place for Windowsill Photography clients to get a sneak peek at photos from their recent sessions, but I’ll also share photos from my personal collections, I’ll write about other interests and endeavors — a list that includes music, movies, running and, of course, my family — and I’ll post photos, videos, quotes and other items that catch my eye, make me laugh or make me think. Hopefully, my posts will stir something inside you as well.

Life is bloggerful, and I intend to enjoy the ride.