Akron senior pictures ~ Bryana

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I love working with seniors. My goal is to have fun with all my clients on all my shoots, but high school seniors just make it easy. We had a blast doing Bryana’s Akron senior pictures recently, and we were treated to some absolutely beautiful light. Bryana was a natural in front of the camera, and by the end of the shoot she barely needed any instruction at all.

Here are some favorites from our day in Wadsworth. Fortunately, you can’t see the swarm of mosquitoes that attacked us in the woods, but it was well worth it. Good luck during your senior year, Bryana!

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Jamie and Michael: Akron wedding photography preview

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Outdoor weddings are tough. When the weather cooperates, an outdoor wedding is gorgeous and a ton of fun. You have the freedom to do so much more in the great outdoors than you can in the confines of a church or another indoor venue, and everything just feels so much more open and natural. Of course, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, get ready to adjust on the fly!

Jamie and Michael had a lovely outdoor Akron wedding this weekend, but there were more than a few raindrops to dodge throughout the day. In fact, the start of the ceremony needed to be pushed back a bit when the skies absolutely opened up and drenched the grounds about 15 minutes before Jamie was scheduled to walk down the aisle with her dad. But Jamie, Michael and their families had prepared well, setting up a couple large tents to provide shelter in the case of just such a scenario.

Fortunately, while the rain came down in buckets for a while, it didn’t last long and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day. The soggy surroundings made the pictures a little challenging but we still managed to fill up a couple memory cards! Here are a few highlights from the day with more to follow soon. Check out some of Jamie and Michael’s engagement photos here, and learn more about our Akron and Cleveland wedding photography.

Congratulations, Jamie and Michael!










Right in their own backyard

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Akron family photography

Often, the trickiest part of a photo shoot is settling on the location. While I am more than willing to find a spot for a portrait session, I first encourage my clients to choose a location that carries some significance to them. And because I do my best to avoid shooting at the same spots too often, I love it when the client has a place in mind.

Even if it’s their backyard! We talked about hitting up some nearby parks when we set up the shoot with Kelly, Steve and their awesome family, but ultimately decided we didn’t need to go anywhere — their backyard worked perfectly. When I first started Windowsill Photography Studio, I wouldn’t have guessed you could do an entire shoot in the confines of someone’s backyard, but this is now the third time I’ve done just that and I love the intimacy it produces. People just feel more comfortable in their own familiar surroundings, which leads to genuine smiles and beautiful, more natural photos.

We had a great time in Kelly and Steve’s backyard, and they even got the family dog to pitch in during their shoot. Here are just a few of my favorites, including the girls’ attempt at synchronized handstands. Thanks for a memorable evening, guys!

Cleveland family photographer

Akron family photography

Cleveland family photographer

Akron family photography

Cleveland family photographer

Akron family photography

Cleveland family photographer

Akron family photography

Cleveland family photographer