Winter fun

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If you’re going to be a family photographer in Akron and Cleveland, you’re going to have to deal with some of the white stuff. Fortunately, I love snow and, as long as I don’t dump my equipment into a snowbank during the shoot, I love heading out to snap some pictures on a winter day. If there are some fresh flakes falling, even better. Well, within reason, anyway.

We started inside for some traditional portraits with this great family in Wadsworth, but once we got the serious business out of the way, we bundled up and headed outdoors for some snowman construction, sled riding, snowball fights and general tomfoolery (still love that word). There was a light snowfall that afternoon, which really accented a lot of these photos in a cool way. I love the expressions we got from the kids (and some of the adults) coming down the hill, and I felt fortunate that I escaped the afternoon without getting clipped by one of the many snowballs that were whizzing around the yard. All in all, a great afternoon spent with family and Frosty.

Celebrating their 50th in style…and snow!

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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of spending some time in Michigan with a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary with their kids and grandchildren, and came away truly inspired by the legacy of love that this family shared during their time together. When I started Windowsill Photography, I hadn’t considered the possibility of photographing couples and families celebrating milestone anniversaries, but after that weekend in Michigan, I hoped I’d have the chance to share another moment like that with someone else.

Not only did that opportunity come up again in the matter of a few months, but this time the stakes were raised: this amazing couple was getting set to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and their kids wanted to head out for a shoot with everyone a few days before Christmas to commemorate the event. Sure, it was cold out there but we had a blast, especially when I asked the grandkids to kick up a bunch of snow on the count of 3. As you’ll see below, Grandma got into the fun too and everyone had a laugh, even the little guy on the end who wound up taking a tumble.

Here are a few favorites from our session. Congratulations again on your upcoming anniversary, and thanks for letting me share in the fun!