Evan is in charge

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I’ve learned so much in the 18 months since we launched Windowsill Photography, from all sorts of technical skills and photography techniques to how to work with clients to give them exactly what they want. I was reminded of another lesson a couple weeks ago when I headed to Hinckley Lake with Evan and his Mom and Dad for a photo shoot. I had a plan of the various places around the lake that I wanted to use during the shoot, but when we met up at the spot where I had planned to end our session, Evan was happy and smiling and ready to go. So rather than wasting that opportunity by moving to the location I had chosen in my prep time, I pulled out the camera knowing that Evan was in charge.

An hour or so later, I was relieved. Evan wasn’t happy when we finally moved to my original starting point, so Mom and Dad really had to work to get some of the smiles he was happily giving me when I first arrived. Shortly after that, the skies opened up and the shoot was cut short by a few minutes. If I had stubbornly stuck to my plan, the day may have been a disaster. Instead, we had a great time because we let Evan run the show, and we wound up with a great final gallery. Here are a few of my favorites.

Morning breaks

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I’ve learned that sometimes, you just have to pull over to take a picture. Even if it makes you a couple minutes late, and even if you only have a mobile phone that won’t do the photo justice.

The sun coming from around the corner was beautiful, lighting up the frost that clung to the railroad tracks this morning as it shone through the mist rising from the ground. I actually turned around to get this one — I was in a hurry and initially drove past it, but I knew the shot was too good to pass up so I doubled back and snapped a few shots with my iPhone.

Fancy footwear and Bobcat pride

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They thought it would be boring. Granted, whenever you make kids get dressed up for any sort of event, they’re going to assume it’s something that will bore them to tears, so I wasn’t surprised when, after we wrapped up this recent shoot, Mom told me her kids thought our session would be boring. Instead, we had a great time at the Rocky River Nature Center, telling jokes, playing in the leaves and fleeing from statues of prehistoric killer fish. Turns out that last part isn’t all that difficult when they’re inanimate pieces of art, but that didn’t make them any less terrifying.

Mom, Dad and I also enjoyed sharing some stories from our days at Ohio University. It’s always fun meeting fellow Bobcats, particularly when they’re in their in the midst of their best football season in school history (that loss to Miami notwithstanding). But the highlight of the shoot? The kids, of course, and more specifically, their fancy footwear. Check out those kicks!