Worth the wait

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With conflicting schedules on both sides that just never seemed to match up, it took several phone calls and text messages back and forth to finally get Cathy, Rod, Luke and Eli onto the schedule for a family portrait session in Wadsworth, Ohio. Then we had to push the shoot back…then we pushed it back again. When we finally found a date that worked for both family and photographer, Mother Nature decided to treat us to the first real rain we’d had in about a month. Lovely.

But after several false starts, we finally got out on a beautiful July evening and had a ton of fun roaming the grounds of Rod’s parents’ house. As you can see, we had plenty of amazing places to choose from during our time together, and the boys even got a couple wardrobe changes in, not to mention some killer tattoos in honor of their “Grammy”! As usual, here are a few of my favorites. Check out Windowsill Photography for more information!

Jenna and Erich blessed with a beautiful wedding day

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Some people say rain on your wedding day actually brings good luck. If that’s the case, Jenna and Erich will be blessed throughout their marriage. The skies over Orchard Hills Center at Chesterland’s Patterson Fruit Farm looked rather gloomy last Saturday, but the rain held off through the morning and early part of the afternoon. As the 5:00 ceremony drew closer, though, the clouds finally let loose, which obviously made everybody on site a little nervous.

But while showers continued off and on for the next couple of hours, they amazingly didn’t affect Jenna and Erich’s wedding day much at all. The skies parted just before the bride and groom got to see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony, and while we needed to carry a few umbrellas with us as we took some bridal party photos, we all stayed relatively dry throughout the afternoon. Things turned bleak again just before the ceremony, but by the time the guests had all been seated and the bridesmaids started to make their way toward the altar, the rain had stopped once again and we were blessed with what turned out to be a magnificent day.

The outdoor ceremony was gorgeous, no doubt enhanced by the stunning bride and her band of beautiful bridesmaids. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day, with more to follow as I finish the couple’s gallery in the coming weeks. Congratulations to Jenna and Erich, and here’s hoping the good fortune from your wedding day carries on throughout all the days of your marriage!

Sweet baby Elsa

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As a father of three, I love being around first-time parents. Elsa was just a couple months old when we snapped a few pictures in northern Michigan last month, and it was fun watching Jen and Garrett as they went through their routine throughout the day: lots of kisses and cooing to go with all the bottles and burpings and diapers and spit-up rags.

Elsa hung tough during most of the shoot before zonking out near the end. The big ol’ yawn was a dead giveaway that we were running short on time, but we managed to get a few keepers before she checked out. Here are just a few of my favorites, and congrats to Jen and Garrett on their perfect little family!

Forty years and counting

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Forty years…wow. Ann and Stan celebrated their Ruby Anniversary in style this summer, surrounded by their children and grandchildren at their beautiful house on Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan, and I was fortunate enough to spend an evening with this growing family a couple weeks ago. After raising Sarah, Jared and Julie, Ann and Stan now get to enjoy the company of their three incredible grandkids while their own children do all the parenting work. After 40 years, they’ve earned it!

We were blessed with a beautiful Saturday evening for the shoot, moving from their backyard down to the beach and then out onto their private dock. What a setting! The kids held up well through all my clicking, although we may have pushed toddler Brady to his limit by the end of the shoot. Thanks to the entire family for letting me take part in such a great milestone in your lives, and for your incredible hospitality. And, most of all, congrats to Ann and Stan!