Look at those baby blues

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This little guy has the honor of being the youngest subject to this point at Windowsill Photography. Just a few days shy of three months at the time, Chance did his best to direct those huge blue eyes of his toward the camera during our shoot in Columbus last week and stayed in good spirits throughout most of the session, but the heat and an evening snack proved to be too much for him as he dozed for a catnap midway through. No bother — we shot some photos of Mom and Dad with Chance as he grabbed a few winks, and then finished our shoot once he was ready.

We had a hot night and Chance’s nap schedule was thrown out of whack, but he was a real trooper and hung on just long enough to get some great shots. With those unbelievably bright blue eyes, this one’s going to break some hearts when he gets older. Good luck, Mom and Dad!

An invitation to bigger and better things

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It’s funny how life works out sometimes. I was a journalism major at Ohio University (go Bobcats!) and spent the first year of my professional career toiling away at a financial magazine, wondering if I was bound to hate my job for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I soon escaped that position and began my second job as a sports writer — a position much better suited to my talents and interests — before moving into web development and graphic design. Now, 12 years later, I enjoy design work even more than writing, a natural yet unexpected evolution that greatly contributed to the launch of Windowsill Photography, first with the development of our website and this blog, and then with an expansion of our services.

Of course, my love of photography fueled the company’s creation, but we soon realized that there were very few limits to what we could do inside our new little sandbox. So when we booked our first wedding, I suggested to the bride that we could design custom wedding invitations for her along with any other items she may need using photos from her engagement shoot. She quickly signed on and, I’m proud to say, she was thrilled with her finished products.

We hope to do even more design projects going forward, whether we’re using photos from Windowsill shoots for invitations or holiday cards, or even putting together a website for a new client. As a matter of fact, my son recently turned 6 and has just discovered the joy of the “Star Wars” universe. (Don’t worry — we made sure he watched Episodes IV, V and VI before any of the new ones.) So when it came time to plan his party, he naturally wanted a “Star Wars” theme, and what’s a “Star Wars” birthday party without a “Star Wars” birthday invitation?



I’ve found I enjoy the design side of the business just as much as the photography side, which has been a pleasant surprise. So I guess I’ve answered the question that haunted me during my first year out of college: Turns out I wasn’t destined to hate my job for the rest of my life after all. Ain’t that a relief!

A whole lot of family fun

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I first met Evgenia last summer during a quick shoot at her Mom and Dad’s house in Columbus. Little Evya was just shy of her first birthday, and she definitely made me work for the few smiles she gave me, but we had a blast as she bounced around from Mom and Dad in her adorable sun dress. She wasn’t able to walk yet, but as you can tell from the photo I included at the bottom of this post, those first steps clearly were just around the corner.

Twelve months later, I had a chance to see just how much Evya has grown. I have three kids of my own but sometimes you forget how quickly they sprout up, and how much happens in a calendar year. She was motoring around her grandparents’ backyard a couple weeks ago with her little stuffed bunny, showing off her growing vocabulary while I did my best to keep up with my camera in hand. One thing hadn’t changed, though: Evya again made me work for those smiles. But the wait was well worth it each time she gave me one.

We had a great time with Evgenia, Mom and Dad, her grandparents and her aunt. I can only imagine how much she’ll have changed the next time I try to get her to smile. I just hope I can still keep up with her!